Welcome to Hope Church

Join Us on Facebook  We are on Facebook, join our group. If you want to know what imperfect people look like, well, come on in and there you will find us. While you are looking, you will also find authenticity. You will find a bunch of people making a good effort at being real. Nobody does anything to perfection around here, but we are all working at being excellent for Christ.


We are a new HOPE Church. As a member of the Evangelical Church, Hope was launched in the spring of 1989 and our building was completed in 1993. In February of 2000, we sensed God leading us into “something new”, and ever since that time we have been restructuring the new Hope Church. We realize we are imperfect people in desperate need of a Savior but at Hope we work really hard at trying to be real. We believe in enjoying a relationship with God, rather than focusing on religious activities and that we are to be the church, not just attend one.


Hopefully, at Hope Church you will sense an atmosphere that is relaxed and reverent at the same time, where you can discover Christ and a fresh experience with Him. Learn more about us...